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10 Best Games Like Sports Story


The long-awaited sequel to 2017’s Golf Story, Sports Story, was finally released in December of last year. Beginning where Golf Story left off, the protagonist of Sports Story travels with a group of golf enthusiasts and engages in a variety of sports, including tennis, soccer, and RC cars.

The charming visuals, quaint dialogue, and compelling plot make Sports Story an excellent sequel to a very good game. Those who are left wanting more after completing Sports Story can play other games with comparable atmospheres and gameplay.

Golf Story

Those who have not played the predecessor to Sports Story should play Golf Story. Golf Story, created by Sidebar Games, is more than just a game centered on golf. It also contains many RPG elements and a compelling plot that will keep players engaged.

The top-down RPG follows a golfer whose goal is to win a professional tour in order to reunite with his estranged wife. It is a must-play sports game for the Nintendo Switch due to its incredibly charming pixel graphics, witty characters, and solid writing.

Stardew Valley

The narrative, gameplay, and visuals of Stardew Valley closely resemble those of Sports Story, despite not focusing on a sports-centered story. ConcernedApe’s beloved RPG is more than just a quaint farming RPG; it also features a sprawling story and fast-paced dungeon-crawling gameplay.

Stardew Valley’s protagonist is a former city dweller who inherits a rural farm from their grandfather. In addition to caring for their farm, they are responsible for restoring the community center by cultivating various crops. Stardew Valley has been hailed as one of the most relaxing Nintendo Switch games due to its unhurried gameplay.

The Touryst

This game is an adventure game with a multitude of entertaining puzzles for players to solve. The Touryst, developed by independent studio Shin’en Multimedia, has impressed players with its blocky graphics and voxel art. The game follows the mustachioed protagonist, who is determined to uncover Touryst Island’s secrets.

The central plots of The Touryst and Sports Story both involve the exploration of an island. Aside from that, both RPGs feature adorable visuals, although The Touryst’s is in 3D. Critics and players alike have praised the game’s engaging puzzle mechanics and stunning voxel graphics.


CrossCode is another underrated top-down RPG for the Nintendo Switch. The protagonist of the sci-fi RPG is Lea, who finds herself in a fictitious MMORPG world with no memories. To learn more about her predicament, Lea must traverse the virtual world and solve its puzzles using ranged and melee combat.

CrossCode is comparable to Sports Story due to its captivating narrative and retro pixel art-style graphics. CrossCode’s combat mechanics and gameplay are more difficult than those of Sports Story due to its difficult puzzles and need for a strategic approach during boss battles.


Celeste is a challenging indie platformer for the Nintendo Switch that gamers looking for a challenge should play. In the game, a young woman named Madeline attempts to scale the titular mountain, which is notorious for its strange inhabitants and challenging ascent.

Similar to Sports Story, Celeste has engagingly witty and entertaining dialogue in addition to its adorable pixel-art visual style. In addition to anxiety, mental health issues, and self-discovery, the game also touches on weighty themes, making the narrative impactful and relevant for those who choose to play it.

What The Golf?

Triband’s What the Golf is a golf game that can be played on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and iOS devices. Players who want more golf after playing Sports Story should try this game. The gameplay is straightforward, requiring players to simply aim at the golf club and adjust its strength in order to hit the flag.

The design and gameplay of the game are extremely minimalist. Therefore, it is a straightforward golf game that provides a basic experience. Its levels are also quite short, making it a casual game that players can leave and return to at any time.

Nintendo Switch Sports

The long-awaited sequel to Wii Sports was released last year for the Switch, the current Nintendo console. The game utilizes the Joy-Con and gyroscope functionality of the Nintendo Switch to simulate motion in various sports.

Similar to Sports Story, Nintendo Switch Sports features seven different sports, including soccer, volleyball, badminton, golf, tennis, and bowling. The game’s clarity and simplicity were praised by critics, but its lack of gameplay variety was criticized.

Knockout City

Knockout City is a competitive multiplayer game created by Velan Studios in which players must throw and avoid balls, similar to dodgeball. The primary objective of the game is to defeat enemies using balls with varying properties. Some balls can increase the user’s vertical leap, while others can be thrown with pinpoint accuracy at an opponent.

Knockout City is an option for those who wish to play additional team-based sports after Sports Story. Knockout City is just as exciting and thrilling as Sports City’s team sports, such as volleyball and football, despite its vastly different gameplay.


Pyre is a video game developed by Supergiant Games, the same studio responsible for the award-winning roguelike Hades. The objective of the action game is to control a team and destroy the opposing team’s orb in a sport that appears to be based in a fantastical world.

Beyond the game’s sports setting, Pyre is similar to Sports Story in that both have engaging stories that can captivate players. In addition, the game features stunning visuals, including intricately drawn character portraits and eye-popping animation.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Many gamers assert that the predecessor to Sports Story was heavily influenced by the Game Boy game Mario Golf. Fans of Sports Story may therefore find Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch to be entertaining.

In a nutshell, Mario Golf: Super Rush’s gameplay is comparable to that of other golf-based games in which players must swing a golf club and attempt to get the ball into the hole. However, the game manages to shake things up with modes like Speed Golf and Battle Golf. There are many other interesting games, you can also play more dinosaur game.

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