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Baby in Yellow — Walkthrough and Guide (2023)


Night 1 or How to Find All the Souls

From 1/12 to 4/12

You may enter the kitchen via the door that is to your right. Pull open the upper drawers. You may locate the first soul (1/12) if you open the upper cabinets. The next step is to put the bottle on the infant’s chest. Take a pause, gaze at the television that is off to the left, and photograph the cat when it is standing on the television (2/12). You should bring the infant along with you and bring it to the vacant area on the right. The infant should be positioned on the changing pad.

Next, remove the diaper from the cupboard on the right side of the room. It is possible to find a third cat soul (3/12) on a white wall shelf that is located near to the swaddling beds. You need to about face and grab the diaper. There won’t be any sign of the infant. Bring the infant out into the corridor and then bring him back. Once you have finished, place him back on the changer and, if required, change his diaper.

It is recommended that the infant be brought to the second level. The infant will be questioned about where they last saw a book of fables. To begin, take a glance at the table cabinet that is located immediately to the right. The cat’s spirit may be found tucked up under the blocks of the children (4/12).

From 11/12

If you look into the room behind this one, you will see the blue footprints there. Investigate the location of the fifth spirit of the cat (11/12). A voice recorder is another one of the items that may be found on the shelves. It is possible to switch it on as much as five times a day in order to hear five different recordings each time. Keep an eye on the hatch that will take you up to the attic.

You are going to need a key. You should check the shelf behind you for the book titled “Key to Secrets.” Within, there is a key that is denoted by a circle of yellow paint. You may use it to open the hatch, and it will transport you to the upper floor.

After you are prepared, you should return to the bedroom and take the book “The Prince and the Cat” from the shelf that is positioned next to the chair in that room. After that, take a seat in the chair. To begin reading the book, click the “Read” button in the bottom left corner. Get in front of the TV. Get in front of the TV. He needs to be taken back to his bed. Put a stuffed cat into a cupboard that is quite high up. It should be given to the infant in his cot. If he laughs, you should take him outside and close the door behind you. Watch the TV again.

Night 2 in Baby in Yellow

Begin your search in the kitchen before moving on to the refrigerator. It will no longer exist. It is in the lower cupboards directly to the right of your oven, if you want to look there. To the youngster, please provide the bottle. You may change his diaper for him by taking him to the changing table and asking him to do it himself. He is about to go. Follow him to the sofa in the living room. After that, go to the kitchen and have a peek inside the cupboards there.

After you’ve changed the diaper, you may go upstairs. As soon as the diaper is free, you should immediately go to the highest point and seat down on the chair there. Go up the stairs to reach the chamber for the parents (the door at the top of the stairs). Bring yourself in. You are going to see the diaper colliding with the wall. The sixth of the twelve souls may be found on the table to the left. Get a new diaper and change your child’s diaper. When the kid has been repositioned, set the book in front of you and then return the youngster to the ground. Have you ever read a fairy tale? Now, place a stuffed rabbit inside of your baby bed.

Make an effort to recline on the sofa. You will hear a scream when this happens. Turn the key to unlock the door, and then take the box out. Take some time to unwind and watch some television on the sofa.

Night 3 in Baby in Yellow

Talking to the infant should help to settle him down as in Backrooms game. Put the door behind you, then go downstairs. Turn on the white toaster that is located in the kitchen and place it to the right of the oven. Put one slice of bread down, then a slice of cheese from the refrigerator, and finally another slice of bread. To raise a glass, please click here. After the explosion, search the refrigerator for a bottle and then make an effort to flee the scene. To exit the refrigerator, you must first face the other direction and continue to go down the hallways. Feed your little child.

You are able to change the diaper by taking it to the changing table and doing the necessary action there. When you make your way upstairs to your parents’ bedroom, bust open the glass cabinet that is to your left of the entrance. Go downstairs, get the pacifier, and then provide it to the infant. Bring it up to the second floor, where the children’s bedrooms are, and wait there until the screen goes black. Go ahead to see the newly published book. The infant has just landed in the room where the youngsters are sleeping. Put him up in the bed. Give him a stuffed sheep to play with. Get a book and settle down for a while. The end has come to the third night.

True ending (new nights)

After a total of three nights of travel, you will finally reach the true conclusion. Leave the flat, and begin the second night from the beginning. On the elevator, there is a rabbit that sits atop the button that calls the elevator. Hold your breath and wait for the button to light up. To enter the elevator, you must press the button. This will usher in new chapters of our lives.

Pickman’s Madness

When the elevator arrives at its destination, exit it and turn left. On the rug that is next to the entryway (7/12), you will find the spirit of a cat. Continue down this hallway. At the entrance that is off to your left, there is a rabbit waiting for you. After you see that there are shackles and a lock, the kid will disappear. As you enter the residence, there will be a youngster found seated at the table.

You won’t be able to get him. You will need a number of different sheets of music. Have a look at the sheet music on your right. The sheet music should be placed on the piano stand. The other one is now located on the table in the kitchen. The third one may be found on the bedside table that is situated behind the screen. In addition to it, there is a cabinet with white shelves that may be used to store the soul (8/12).

After 8/12

After all of the notes have been set, you should play the piano. To begin playing the piano, press the button labeled “red.” Keep moving forward via the hidden corridor until you reach the plate that is located at the end of it. Put the plate on top of the gramophone that is to your right and is located next to the piano. After that, you may go ahead and grab the key to unlock the door, which will also serve to divert the attention of the youngster away from the player.

You should call the elevator before proceeding. There is no access to electrical power. After turning to the left, face the elevator. Go on down this hallway, and enter the second door on your right. You may enter via the door labeled “lightning sign” that is located to the right.

Exit Baby in Yellow

While the chapter is first starting, you should not focus on the work at hand. The key with the purple hearts may be found inside the vase, which can be found to the left of the kid (towards the right of the stairs). You should take the key with you and go up to the second level. The door on the far left is now open. Go down the hallway, passing the youngster on your left. Keep your hands off of him! Take a right turn and continue on beyond the crib. One more cat spirit, number 10 of 12, may be found hiding under the cot. You’ll faint if you watch TV! Keep your eyes off of the television. Avoid looking at your bloodshot eyes.

When you come across the monster, you should pick up the kid. If you put him back in the crib, you will continue to observe the same thing over and over again. To go out of the room, you need to take the baby and put it in the hole on either the right or the left side of the crib. A new route will appear before you. Try to find the soul (11/12) in the area around the cradle. If you go over the bridge to the right, you will eventually come upon a narrow opening in the wall. It is located at the bottom of the page. As you go to leave the room, you are going to run into a monster.

At the split in the road, stay to the right and sprint along the wall to the left. Keep moving forward through the hallway in a straight line while keeping an eye out for cardboard along the wall to your right. Toys may be found in the nooks and crannies. You should look to your left to find the soul of a cat (12/12). As you see the creature, immediately turn to the right. You should hurry up and open the door.

Keep an eye out on the left side to find the opening between the cubes. The passageway between the locomotives will be located in the centre of the structure. A passageway that links the milk bottles will be located in the centre of the structure. Please proceed in the direction that is indicated by the green arrows. A door leading out of this room may be found immediately behind the bottles.

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