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The Best Bike to Buy For Your Commute

The Best Bike to Buy For Your Commute

If you are looking for the best bike to buy, you should know that India has multiple options. If you are on a daily commute, some bikes from multiple manufacturers can suit this bracket. If you want to know more about the best prices of bikes for commuting in your city, This article is the perfect option for you. 

When you want motorcycle accessories, you should know about the best bikes you need to purchase. Only then can it help you choose the perfect accessories for your bike. There are multiple models available at multiple on-road prices in India. Choosing the best option for daily commuting is challenging. Before purchasing, you need to understand the variants and mileage and check on offers and reviews. 

You should also need to choose the perfect riding accessories with your bike. The best accessories may cover you with maximum safety and performance. You may come across multiple bikes on a less budget, but they may not provide you with safety. Hero Splendor Plus, Bajaj Pulsar and Honda shine are good examples of the best bikes. There are many more options in India; you can read this article for more options. 

Which Is The Best Bike To Buy?

Many bikes in India are available in multiple categories and colours that come with great mileage and power. But, picking the best option for regular commuting can be a challenge, and these options can help you. 

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Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor Plus is considered one of the best bikes for daily committing, available below 1 lakh. You can get it available in nine colours and four different types with the top price starting from rupees 73000. 

The Hero Splendor Plus bike comes with a good quality engine and develops a torque of 8.05 Nm and a power of 7.91 BHP. It is one of the ideal bikes as it is available in multiple colours and variances, and you can get it below 1 lakh, which is the perfect option for daily commutes. It is a valuable product for its money due to its unique design and better mileage. 

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar 150 promises the best performance compared to any other bike in its budget. It is the leading bike among daily commute bikes in India as it has improved torque and power. It is a regular street bike available starting from 1 lakh in India. 

You can get this bike in 9 different colours and three types. The Bajaj Pulsar is a bike that falls in the price range ranging from rupees 100000 to 1.14 lakh. You can also find it in 6 colours and two variants if it is a single-channel bike. It provides the best performance in its range of 220 CC and is popular among young groups. 

Honda Shine

Honda Shine is a regular commuter bike with a starting price of rupees 78000. You can get it available in 7 different colours and four different types. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 10 litres, and the Indian capacity is 123 cc. 

The Honda Shine bike comes with beautiful technology and an eco-friendly engine keeping the fuel emission in check. It also comes with five-speed transmission specifications, and the price range ranges from rupees 78000 to rupees 84000. 

You can check the mileage of the bike because it was a four-speed bike earlier, and it is one of the best-selling bikes in India. It is a bike developed by Honda in India and Bangladesh and was launched in India in the year 2006.

Bajaj Pulsar 125

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a regular commuter bike that is available at a price of around Rupees 80000 in India. You can get it in 8 colours and six different types, having the top price starting from RS 92000. It is backed by a 125 cc engine and comes with the power of 11 BHP and a torque of 10 Nm. 

The mileage of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 is 50 km per litre. It is one of the reasons why a maximum number of people in India choose it. This bike also has an electronic fuel injection system connected to a five-speed motor. The brand has expanded the product family and launched multiple entry-level bikes in India for regular commuting. 

The on-road price of this bike may vary, and you can check it with your manufacturer before purchasing it. It is one of the best budget bikes in India under Rs 1 lakh. 

Honda SP 125

Honda SP 125 is a regular commuting bike with a price range between rupees 83000 and 87000. It comes with a single-cylinder motor, fuel injected and generates 10.9 Nm torque. It has a 125 cc engine, and the braking options are available in drum and disc brakes and five colours. It is the best budget bike having quick performance and acceleration and is perfect for regular commuting. 


That was the list of the best bike to buy for daily commuting. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best accessories for your bikes for regular journeys, check out Carorbis, as their website contains the best accessories for all of these bikes that can get you covered. 

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