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On your Mac, free up the download and start playing Among Us


Although it was released in 2018, Among Us really took off in 2020, and it is deserving of all the praise. With the help of Innersloth, consoles, PCs, and mobile devices can now play live cloak and dagger games like Mafia and Werewolf. Given how much fun I’ve had playing this sci-fi-themed game, I’m curious as to why it took so long for this genre to catch on. While there are still some bugs to be worked out, similar to the Skeld’s intricate engines, I keep coming back to the game.

Facts about Us that You Should Know

Each of the eight crew members must hurry around a cramped, cartoon spaceship to complete easy minigames and fill a common progress bar. But there are two spies in the shadows who intend to murder everyone until they outnumber the team and claim victory. The fact that it involves tricking actual people rather than a computer makes it very challenging to master, like so many other fantastic multiplayer games. It may even be necessary for you to act erratically or defy logic in order to keep things interesting and keep your opponents guessing.

I used to make doodles of spaceships, engines, and reactor decks like this in the margins of my notebooks when I was a child. There are many reasons why it is effective. It’s important to maintain a humorous atmosphere when playing a game where you’ll frequently lie to your friends and lied to by them. If you find yourself giggling after you’ve finished raving about it, it’s hard to take when you’re attempting to accomplish another project and you get ganked for the sixth time. Furthermore, it’s simple to use the various tools and gadgets on the map thanks to the art style. I didn’t need any help to start playing and comprehend the rules of my first game.

Among Us

You play the other players more than anything, similar to how you play poker

Being the imposter or crew leader and guiding your squad to victory is an incredibly satisfying experience since, like in poker, you are playing the other players more than anything else. You can learn to spot people’s tells if you hang out with them frequently. Finding a killer requires a lot of mental juggling since you have to keep track of where and when you’ve seen everyone and ask the right questions to expose them when they’re lying covertly. Presenting a persuasive case is the following phase. You’ve failed if you can’t convince the other voters that the candidate you think of as the real one is actually an impostor.

By changing my account to Redactle and acting like a little child who is unfamiliar with the rules, I have been able to easily win in a public game during some of my finest impostor rounds. What I write or don’t say isn’t the only thing. Ability to deceive oneself into thinking they are innocent, even for a moment, is a valuable skill. But, it’s a common enough strategy that people with expertise will recognize it if you use it excessively. I therefore frequently employ two cover identities: one that is glaringly visible and another that I want my enemies to recognize as the final layer. Although it isn’t. The sometimes difficult thinking games in Among Us are my favorite part of the game.

How to Get Free Access to Play Among Us on MAC

How to install and run Android game Among Us using Bluestacks on a Mac virtual machine
Step 1: Using the Bluestacks Android Emulator is among the easiest ways to deal with this issue. The first step is to download the emulator or to go to its official website. The Mac emulator might need to  installed more than once. as the game cannot executed without specific software frameworks. The actions listed below must  completed to complete the procedure. You must save the installer file to your computer before you can install the emulator package.

Step 2: As an added measure of security, you’ll asked for your Mac login name and password.

After entering your credentials on the following page, proceed to step 3 and click the Install Helper button.

Step 4: If Bluestacks has blocked by your Mac, be sure to first unblock it (look for a pop-up warning indicating System Extension blocked). Open Security & Privacy under System Options to view the security question. Here, a notice will shown along with an Allow button. Clicking the Allow button will let you move forward.

Among Us

The download of Among Us is now complete after reaching the fifth and final step. You only need to sign into your Google account once Bluestacks has displayed the App Center.

Step 6: Download Among Us to your Mac once you’ve located it in the App Center’s list of well-liked games. If it does not appear immediately, look for it. All of it boils down to that.

The final step is to install and launch Play Among Us on Mac.

Concluding Remarks

This will enable you to accomplish more with less effort than you ever imagined. The Innersloth team has been working on another update for Windows, and many players are expecting it will released soon. The situation will soon improve for Mac users, they can anticipate that. How effective do you think this tactic was? Speak your mind without being afraid.

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